The fastest speeds for your personal sites in the United States, Canada and Latin America

For those who are running multi–media web sites designed mainly for viewers who reside in the USA, Canada and even Latin America, then have a look at our US located data center, which provides exceptional virtual hosting conditions for your needs.

The US located data center features an important position in downtown Chicago and serves quite a few of the major telecommunication providers in the US. With total redundancy in network connectivity and power, the datacenter offers a great hosting environment for your own resource–demanding websites and apps.

To make use of the US located data center, simply opt for it on the sign up form along with the VPS Plan that you like. Our admins are going to install the server for you free–of–charge and they will also configure an Operating System of your choice. Additionally, they’ll perform weekly offsite backups of your respective VPS and will assure a 99.9% network uptime.

Other US Hosting Services

We do provide even more within our US located data center other than Virtual Private Servers. We have got US Cloud Website Hosting packages plus US Semi-dedicated Plans offering a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. We have US Dedicated Web Hosting Plans, which provide unexcelled hosting power and that can accommodate any type of site. All US hosting services can be ordered together with our no charge Control Panel. It’s made to help make every day hosting tasks simple & effortless. In addition, it arrives loaded with numerous free and extremely practical tools and bonuses to help you enhance your website.